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IAEE Awards Spotlight on Chris Eisenberg

Last December Chris Eisenberg, EVP of Bartizan Connects, received the International Association of Exhibitors and Event 2018 Chapter Merit Award at Exo! Expo! in New Orleans.

Chris was recently featured in the  IAEE Awards Spotlight in which he shares with IAEE his thoughts on what he likes beschris1t about the industry, staying on top of industry trends and how the IAEE Southwest Chapter strives to best serve its vast membership.

You can read the interview here: https://iaeehq.com/2019/05/08/iaee-awards-spotlight-on-chris-eisenberg-cem-2018-chapter-merit-award-winner/

Each year, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events recognizes and awards professionals in the exhibitions and events industry for their contributions. The IAEE Chapter Merit Award recognizes individuals whose ideas and/or work have benefited IAEE as an organization in some special way, and is generally reserved for those who have stepped forward at the chapter and/or local level.

Bartizan Connects is very proud of Chris and his leadership role in the events and exhibition industry!









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