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The floor room of a tradeshow is magical. It’s where the business representatives meet their potential customers face-to-face and make that human connection. Sometimes the pitch can land on deaf ears, but often you’ll find the most receptive audience at tradeshows since they have qualified themselves just by attending.

How to Drive Tradeshow Visitors to Your Website

The question is, once that conversation is over, how do you get them to your website to continue the sales process.

Visitors to tradeshows can be wowed by the tradeshow displays and free giveaways, but after the final handshake and flyers they collect, a lot of them are lost. If you can’t get their personal contact info in person to continue the sale, getting them to visit your site for more information is the next best opportunity.

Here are a few steps to move them along the sales cycle smoothly:

1. Use QR Codes Stickers on Your Booth

QR codes – some people love them, some people hate them. The key is to do them well. No one can argue though that they are a convenient way for customers to visit a specific page on your site with more information about your products. Instead of typing in a long URL in their smartphone, they just snap a pic of the QR code with their QR code reader app and their at the landing page you want them to visit.

You can put QR codes on postcards and handouts, but to make an even bigger impression, have large QR code stickers printed that you can slap on your booth or other displays. Make it big enough that they can’t ignore it.


2. Offer Special Discounts for Online Purchases

This is a classic technique that is well proven to work. Offer discounts to tradeshow attendees for making purchases online with a special discount code for tradeshow customers only. This will make them feel special and give them incentive to act sooner if you have an expiration date on the offer.

Mention the discount code in conversation or create special materials encouraging them to go online and get the discount. Pair it with a QR code and you’ve just made the whole process a lot easier.

3. Drive them to Online Whitepaper Downloads

Literature racks are common at tradeshow booths, where a lot of the company materials are on display for the customer to learn more about your products. There is often a whole host of more information that you just physically can’t give out at a show because of quantity limitations. If you have a decent sized library of industry whitepapers on your website that you can point customers to, that’s an incentive for them to visit your site.

Summarize a few key points on a handout, but point them to a download page on your site with the full version of the whitepaper for them to download. Make sure you collect their contact info before they can download the whitepaper as well, Bartizan does this well with their downloads.

4. Use Videos to Push Customers Online

More and more, tradeshow booths are incorporating video into their displays. Whether they use large TVs with a looping video, or iPads sitting on the booth table that customers can touch, it helps to immerse the customer into your offering. Since the customers can’t take home a video like they can a flyer, use video as a vehicle to move them online and view your online library.

On your flyers, QR codes, or in conversation, show the customer that they can learn more about your product or service on your website and can get a deeper understanding of what they are potentially buying. Video is one of the most engaging mediums to communicate your message, so use it to your advantage and your customers will respond with their wallets.


With a multitude of information and choices available to customers through the Internet, they are making more informed decisions and relying less on only the words out of a salesperson’s mouth. This is an opportunity to educate the customer and allow the customer to learn and make the purchasing decision at his or her own pace. By integrating classic tradeshow promotional materials with your immersive online website, the customer will be more prepared to make the purchase.


Mark Krenn Mark Krenn is the founder of Coastal Creative Reprographics based in San Diego, CA. Founded in 2012, Coastal Creative Reprographics specializes in wide format printing including signs, tradeshow displays, banners, and vehicle graphics. Mark enjoys keeping active outdoors, and traveling in his free time. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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