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How lead retrieval is like online dating

By Staff Report July 29, 2014 Trade Show Tips

It's not often that the world of trade shows and romance combine, but there's a first time for everything. Most professionals approach the thriving industry with a business-minded approach, and rightly so - however, many of the important objectives of the exhibition happen after the convention center is closed. When it comes to lead retrieval, exhibitors may notice a strange, marked similarity to following up after a particularly good first date, and recognize some of the same peaks and valleys of the experience.

In today's social culture, one of the most striking similarities is that there are mobile applications available for both pursuits. Trade Show Institute contributor Traci Browne recommended examining a various factors when selecting an application for lead retrieval, including the amount of expected leads and the experience of those working in the booth. Similar things can be considered when selecting an online dating service - like retrieval apps, there are a number of options available for different, specific needs in the dating field.

The other interesting correlation between and lead retrieval and sealing a second date with a romantic prospect is the way one hopes to represent themselves. Though Tom the technology specialist at the trade show may be different from Tom the single guy at the bar, the two share a common goal - they want to be appealing to others, though in varying manners. In a way, dating is about personal branding, the same way a business strives to communicate and sell its brand image to attendees. Finally, dating blog CoupledWith recommended eventually slowing contact with dates who don't seem interested to save face - the same concept applies to businesses that aren't successfully generating leads with certain clients.

Whether you're trying to find a new mate or a new business associate, better lead retrieval skills can be developed simply by reflecting on how you follow up in other areas of your life. The result will be a more personal interaction that, in all likelihood, will breed a better long-term corporate relationship.

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