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As we approach Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d point out how exhibiting and lead retrieval apps, such as Bartizan’s iLeads, resemble the modern world of dating.

Working as an exhibitor has always had similarities with speed dating. Every exhibitor goes to a trade show hoping to meet as many attendees as possible in a limited amount of time. And with every attendee they meet, they are trying to make a (business) love connection with the attendees who stop by their booth. And just like speed dating, the exhibitor has a limited amount of time to learn a lot about each attendee as well as convey as much relevant information as possible to see if there’s a match.Love - Text on Red Puzzles with White Background and Selective Focus.

Of course, with the iLeads app, you’re a step ahead in this business version of speed dating. iLeads allows you to capture important information with custom qualifiers and survey questions such as “do they like pets” or “are they looking for a long-term relationship?” Or, you know, the business equivalent. With iLeads, you can also change your questions on the fly, if you’re not getting the information you need.

The great thing about meeting attendees, unlike speed dating, is that you don’t have to choose between them. They can all be your date after the event.

But before someone calls me ‘boomer’ for pointing out the similarities between exhibiting and speed dating, I’d also like to point out the similarities between lead retrieval apps and a more recent romantic phenomenon, the online dating app.

Tinder and its ilk allow you to quickly view hundreds of potential romantic partners and their information and then and swipe left or right, depending on whether you like them or not. iLeads allows exhibitors to view the attendee data from all the leads they have collected and sort and filter the leads based on the attendee data scanned and additional answers from survey questions. Of course, with iLeads, unlike tinder, you’re encouraged to swipe right with everyone.

iLeads also allows attendees to get in on the fun with ‘My Tradeshow Connections,’ My Tradeshow Connections is a feature in iLeads that allows each attendee to view all the exhibitor booths they visited  - as long as the exhibitor is using iLeads, of course. So, the attendees can review each exhibitor and swipe right or left. Here’s hoping they swipe right.

So, on Valentines’ please remember that you can nurture your business romances at every event just by using a lead retrieval app.

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