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Decades in the lead retrieval business has taught us some important lessons. Among the basic tenets of client satisfaction? One size does not fit all.

Today, it's all about offering a customized experience. Your attendees expect a conference app tailored to their unique needs. Your exhibitors also have unique needs like: gathering leads, building a mailing list, meeting people and making quick notes about the interaction, not losing those notes because they are stored in the cloud, and exhibitors also need to follow up fast.

Here's the thing, exhibitors go to events to work, make connections, match needs and close deals. Attendees go to learn and network. A conference app is only helpful for event attendees - but it does not help exhibitors in any way. It often lists the session schedule, trade show floor map, scheduling and social media feeds - that's it.

Types of Conference Apps

If you're not sure if your event app has lead retrieval, just go to the App store or Google Play and search for "lead retrieval" if your event app is not there, call your vendor to double check that they offer what exhibitors know to be lead retrieval.

Often, when our sales team calls show management to introduce them to our lead retrieval app, iLeads, they frequently get the response, “But I already have a mobile app.”

It turns out that they have an event app for attendees - but they do not have an exhibitor app for lead retrieval.

The best events offer a conference app for attendees and a lead retrieval app for exhibitors. Offering exhibitors lead retrieval requires no out-of-pocket cost to show management - all costs are funded by exhibitors.

These features greatly improve the show-going experience. But for shows that depend on exhibiting dollars, sponsorships and attendance, it's vital to offer an app that helps facilitate connections between buyers and sellers and moves business forward.

It is in the best interest of exhibitors, attendees, show organizers and registration contractors to utilize lead capture systems.

Offering lead retrieval generates a positive return on investment for each of these event stakeholders:

Exhibitors invest time and money at an event. Lead retrieval provides critical information that enables exhibitors to quickly identify their best prospects.

Attendees are far more likely to receive the information they want in a timely manner when exhibitors use a trade show badge scanner or a mobile app like iLeads.

Show Managers that use lead retrieval are provided with reports that allows them to monitor their show activity. It also provides them with critical marketing data to assist in selling exhibit space and sponsorships at future events. This hard data will prove ROI and enhance presentations to prospective exhibitors.

If you’re thinking of offering your exhibitors lead retrieval or need help tracking event sessions, let’s talk! Click here to request a free initial consultation with us.


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