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Go Green At Your Next Trade Show

By Staff Report May 15, 2014 Trade Show Tips

This day and age, it is more important than ever to make efforts to lessen the environmental impact of everything we do, and those same principles can be applied to the trade show circuit. According to a recent report for TSNN, over 600,000 tons of trash are generated by the 60 million attendees and exhibitors who attend trade shows every year. This enormous figure can be greatly reduced when trade show managers take a few beneficial steps in reducing waste and bolstering the reputation of their exhibition.

Turn going green into positive PR
If there's any doubt in a trade show manager or exhibitor's mind as to why going green pays off, consider what an impressive, inexpensive way to get a potential customer's attention it can be when a business actively lessens environmental impact. If you have made the commitment to actively reduce waste and recycle, don't be shy about it - companies large and small make their green initiatives known to the public as a PR safety net. It communicates that not only is a brand effective and important, but it cares.

Reducing waste on a large scale
Trade show managers can save money and make environmentally intelligent event solutions when planning an exposition, green advocate Forest Nation reported recently. The piece cited ideas like choosing greener flooring solutions with a sustainable, biodegradable flooring option like bamboo, seagrass or cork to reduce impact. Another option is adding reusable EcoWalls when setting up exhibitor booths that can be reused year after year with significantly less impact and cost for a manager.

"It allows their customers to create stands, photo calls, product corners and other support types for events," Forest Nation writer Daya De Ruyte explained in the report. The EcoWall is made of a highly biodegradable type of cardboard, which provides trade show managers a no-guilt way to dispose of them when their use is complete.

Make it easy for attendees to choose green
Sure, everyone wants to go green, but those planning the exposition need to add "ease of recycling access" to their event checklist to make this a reality. Most venues will appreciate this effort and may be willing to assist, TSNN reported, and a solution is to offer a trash bin and a paper waste receptacle alongside each other at every opportunity. This way, trade show attendees will do most of the work for you while making a difference. If thousands adopt the system, the energy and waste saved could be enormous.

Green solutions for the booth
When a trade show sets the bar for environmental consideration, exhibitors are far more likely to follow in their stead. TSNN also offers trade show booth ideas for those who are looking to save energy and prevent waste within their own booth. A common strategy, it reported, was to adopt a digital press kits - it's an innovative potential solution for a business looking to cut down on paper waste and can offer a brand a tech-savvy edge that incorporates video and advanced graphics. 

Whether you're an exhibitor, manager or attendee, there's no downside to going green for your next trade show.

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