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A man walks into a bar at the National Widget Association Annual Trade Show. He sidles up to the bar, orders a drink and gets comfortable. Soon a fellow standing next to him engages him in conversation about the ballgame on TV. The first fellow, Charlie, mentions that he is here for the NWA show. “Me, too”, the second man, Al replies.

The two share some baseball stories. Charlie mentions that he is exhibiting his company’s new Evergreen Wireless Widget, or EWW. “No kidding”, says Al. “I’ll have to drop by your booth. I’m in the market for green wireless widgets.”

Will Al remember to stop by Charlie’s exhibit the following day? If she does not, what a wasted opportunity for Charlie.

Let’s go back to the point where Al says “I’ll have to drop by your booth. I’m in the market for green wireless widgets.”

With that, Charlie reaches into his jacket pocket and withdraws his Leads2Go lead retrieval handheld. He turns on the display and voila, there are his products displayed in a colorful video.
“See, Al, here is our newest widget. And let me show you a PowerPoint that outlines its features and benefits. Want to see how much you can save? Look at this spreadsheet with my prices.” Al is impressed, but that’s a lot of information to remember. “Charlie, can you send me information on this?” “Al, I can give you everything I just showed you.” With that, Charlie pops out the Leads2Go SD card and hands it to Al. “Just put that in your computer when you get back to your office. Everything is right there.”

Give your exhibitors more exhibit time for their money. Give them Leads2Go to capture leads (on and off the floor) and to maximize their selling time.

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