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Most exhibitors go to trade shows in hopes of generating as many leads as they can, who will ultimately become a new customer. With all of the costs associated with trade show displays, promotional literature, giveaway items, shipping costs, and whatever other expenses you may have for the event, being able to generate a good number of high quality leads is a must in order to get a good return on investment. With the hundreds, maybe thousands, of people stopping by your show booth, it won’t always be easy spotting those who are highly interested leads. With these tips, you’ll be able connect with those people who may be loyal customers down the road.

Lead Gen at Tradeshows

Set Goals

Before the opening day of the expo, know how many total leads you want to secure. Don’t make this number so outrageously high that it would be impossible to reach. As you set your goal, take into consideration the size of the show and what you are selling.

What Does Your Signage Say About Your Business

Even if your business is well-known, don’t assume that everyone knows what you do. It has to be crystal clear in your signage and display, since these are the first things your audience will notice from the trade show aisle. Keep the text to a minimum, briefly stating what your business does and why customers should go to you. This will ensure that interested attendees will stop by and will eliminate most of the time-wasting attendees.

Ask the Right Questions

Of course, every attendee should be greeted as they approach your display system, but you should begin asking questions shortly after they are greeted to find out their interest level. Begin by asking questions, such as “What brought you to the show today?” or “What interests you about our products?” The point here is to weed out the not interested visitors from the ones that are very interested. Since you will have many people to talk to, try to avoid small talk and move on from those who don’t plan on buying your products at all.

Follow up

Don’t let all of those lead forms go to waste by not contacting them after the show. Either call or send out a thank-you note showing your appreciation for these visitors taking the time to speak with you. Also, include a business card if you are sending out a thank-you note. If you prefer to call, ask if they have any additional questions and show these potential customers how knowledgeable you really are about your products.

These four lead generation tips are simple, yet powerful. How have you generated leads at trade shows in the past?

Kristin HovdeKristin Hovde is the Website Manager and a regular blogger for Smash Hit Displays, a trade show display company, selling everything from pop up displays to custom displays. Follow Smash Hit Displays on Facebook and Twitter.






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