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Because you may not be familiar with using a smartphone or a tablet to collect and manage leads, you may have some questions. In fact, some of your fellow exhibitors have raised questions which I would like to share with you.

At our show, our only lead retrieval option is the iLeads app. Why is that?

Show management made the decision to use iLeads alone, rather than in conjunction with any other lead retrieval technology for a number or reasons.

Here are just three of them:

  1. Data is stored “in the cloud”.  “So what”, you say. “Cloud, shmoud, I want to clutch a piece of paper in my hands.”  In response, I say, having your information in the cloud means that it is always available, and not to just one person. You can make it available to your colleagues by sharing your username and password. Since the data will be stored without charge for at least a year, you will never have to search though your records (or your pants’ pockets or a pocketbook) for a prospect’s information.
  2. You can collect and manage your leads anywhere, not just on the show floor. Most lead retrieval terminals do not fit conveniently into a pocket or purse. A smartphone does – and it is unlikely that you are ever without it.
  3. You can use your iPad or Android tablet to collect and manage leads. A smartphone offers convenience – it can be used anywhere. A tablet offers a different kind of convenience. It can collect and display everything (well, almost everything). Not only that, collecting leads using a tablet becomes an interactive experience – our users report that their prospects participate in the process.

Why will it cost me $xx to use iLeads at the show?

The iLeads app is free. The data that is being made available at the show is not. By itself, a lead retrieval terminal has no value. Same with the iLeads app. In both cases, it is the information that you collect that is of value. How much value? Read our post entitled, Follow Up Matters: The Million Dollar Lead.  The fee you pay is for information, not for the app.

How is iLeads superior to a “regular” lead retrieval terminal?

Bartizan manufactured (note the past tense) lead retrieval terminals. We have rental inventory of some 3,000 lead retrieval devices.  We no longer manufacture equipment because the folks at Apple and other Smartphone and tablet producers have designed magnificent hardware with outstanding capabilities. They sell millions of these devices. This results in better technology at lower prices. It also means that you can own the device used to collect and manage leads. This, in turn, means that you do not have to stand in line at the beginning and end  of each show to pick up and return rented equipment. You do not require extensive instruction. iLeads is so intuitive that you barely need to look at its included instructional video. And when you leave an event, you know that your leads are on your device, as well as in the cloud.

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