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Event Marketing: 5 Ways to Maximize Your ROI

By Adam Hope September 10, 2015 Tradeshow Marketing

At a time when businesses are feeling the pressure to revolutionize their approach to marketing and stay ahead of the game, finding ways to maximize your ROI is key.

Events provide businesses with a flexible platform from which they can showcase their brand - allowing them to connect with others in the industry as well as making new and valuable contacts. While pre-event planning is integral to an event’s success, ROI should not be an afterthought - but rather something you’re planning to maximize before the event takes place.

social media apps for networkingFrom harnessing the power of social media by creating a strong online presence to finding ways to evaluate an event’s success, we’ve gathered 5 ways for you to supersize your ROI.

1. Set clear goals

Understanding what you’re trying to achieve by showcasing at an event is as important as the execution itself. If you’re hoping to widen your outreach net and create new leads, data gathering is key to helping you acknowledge existing clients and new attendees.

If you’re attending an event as a learning curve for your business, interaction with other exhibitors will be essential - and you’ll be more likely to spend time networking around the room than manning your stand.

Whatever you’re hoping to take away from an event, understanding and managing your expectations from the planning process right through to the post-event follow-up will ensure you get the most from each event.

2. Knowledge

Many people attend events in order to find out new information about the industry and find inspiration from other exhibitors. Failing to understand what you can offer attendees is a sure-fire way to kill interest early - so, from ensuring you’re clued up on your product to picking the best team for each platform, make sure you’re armed with a wealth of knowledge about your brand.

As an exhibitor at an event, a strong social media presence can help you generate relevant interest and help you reach your target demographic. Whether it’s B2B or B2C marketing, reaching out on Twitter and Facebook will help you make connections ahead of an event - which can be strengthened when they visit your stand and followed up later.

3. Boost branding

Before, during and after the event, a strong brand presence is key. Actively managing your social media channels is a great way to drum up interest ahead of an event - but once attendees arrive at your stand, it’s time to let your brand to do the talking.

Impactful exhibition units, banner stands and business cards can be integral in garnering interest in your business - so when it comes to exhibiting, don’t be afraid to be bold with your visual branding.

Particularly when exhibiting at an event with several other businesses in your industry, making your brand known can be difficult. But by breaking down the consumer-brand barrier and making an impact with your visual branding, you can harness the value of face-to-face communication and set about securing valuable clients.

4. Collect data

A successful event requires more than just an impressive performance on the day. While you might have secured any number of interested prospects, turning them into paying clients is an entirely separate challenge.

Having numerous businesses exhibit from one platform allows you to identify data trends and use this to inform your next event. Whether it’s a location, the amount of traffic your stand receives or specific times which prove to be popular, studying an event’s data can be a great way to ensure the success of future events.

5. Evaluate

Following an event, your approach to evaluating data, outreaching and chasing leads will be the difference between having an impressive list of potential prospects and converting them into paying clients.

Harnessing the power of social media allows you to reach a mass audience and report on the success of an event - piquing the interest of new prospects and securing the attention of event attendees. By tweeting about an exhibition or posting event highlights on Facebook, you’re ensuring the event and your brand remain fresh in attendees’ minds.

A proactive approach to planning and managing your event strategy will help you attract new customers, while evaluating event data is key to figuring out what works best for your brand - ultimately ensuring the success of future events and helping you to maximize your ROI.

Adam HopeAdam Hope is an events blogger for The Events Structure. As providers of state of the art exhibition units and promotional vehicles, The Events Structure strives to support business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the UK. Follow them on Twitter: @eventsstructure Facebook and LinkedIn

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