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How to Ensure Security at Trade Shows

Having thousands of people in one room together is a big responsibility, especially as event organisers. It is your duty to keep them safe, so having a look at your security measures and seeing how you can improve them is a very wise idea. Otherwise, you could face serious consequences.

It is very important to look at these five ways of ensuring security and see if you can implement them in your next trade show.

Physical Security

The first, most obvious way of ensuring security at trade shows is through physical security. If you haven’t already, it’s an essential idea to implement bag checks on the door. This not only assures you that nobody is bringing in anything they’re not supposed to, but it also ensures everyone attending that they are safe. There will be minimum complaints about slightly longer queues due to bag checks as you are openly showing your company values everyone’s safety.

It is also extremely important to have security guards wandering around during the event. They can quickly see if any issues arise and are on-hand to diffuse the situation as soon as possible.

You could even bring sniffer dogs. They will help check bags a lot quicker, reducing wait time and allowing everyone attending to relax and be able to focus on the show.  There is never ‘too much’ precaution when it comes to security at events.

Staff Members

It is critical to do a thorough background check of all staff involved with the event, from those setting it up to the people that take it all down again at the end as they have access to a lot more than the general public. It can be an impossible feat to know all the employees working on or at a trade show, so make sure the managers of each section choose trustworthy, reliable staff members to work.


By adding personalisation of either an image, text or logo, this adds a level of safety. Handing out personalised lanyards and visitor cards not only helps your brand reach a wider audience, but it also ensures that people attending can be recognised and you know they are authorised to be there. It makes checking quick and easy. By using a different style or colour of lanyard for staff members and event attendees, it also makes it extremely clear the level of access that people have and where they are permitted to be at the event.

As well as this, by giving staff members their own personalised lanyard and ID badge, it helps build trust between customers and employees. People attending are reassured and know who to go to if they have any issues. So, if there is an emergency, they will, therefore, cooperate better as they have confidence in the members of staff to help ensure their safety.

Apps with Access Control

There are so many apps you can now download to increase security, and it is very wise to look at one with access control. iSessions is used for attendance tracking. All you need to do is gather information including the names and any data of the people that come to the event. This can then confirm attendance and show anyone unauthorised. It also keeps your employees and all attendees safe as you know exactly who is in the building, should an emergency occur. As well as this, it enables you to view which events are most popular based off attendance rates, and you can see who actually turned up.

It has real-time data reports, complete access control as you know who should and shouldn’t be attending, and self-scanning check-in to help reduce onsite staff costs. It can also bring your attention to any issues that arise, for example, if there are not enough chairs or if somebody should not be there.

Risk Assessment, Site Evaluation & Crowd Management

It is essential you have plans in place for all situations that may arise. Before the event even begins, perform a risk assessment on not just the venue, but on the individual stalls and a full site evaluation including parking. Once this is planned out thoroughly, you need to then decide on how to solve any potential issues and what security you shall implement to resolve these problems. Provide a pre-made checklist of security questions and answers. You also need to work out how you will handle crowd management including full evacuation plans and if any medical assistance is required.

Author Bio: Tamara Blackburn is a hands-on digital marketer for the UK’s largest ID card company, Digital ID. Tamara has a passion for writing and specialises in creating high-quality content.Website - https://www.digitalid.co.uk

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