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Email marketing an innovative method of lead retrieval

By Staff Report June 12, 2014 Trade Show Tips

After an exhibitor's heart and soul are poured into fulfilling every item on an event checklist, lead retrieval is the name of the game. Once the trade show has ended and you've generated leads in advance and on-site, a company should already be thinking about different ways to follow up to encourage continued business from promising potential consumers.

Lead retrieval can encompass many different approaches, but a popular emerging technique is the use of email marketing techniques to remind clients about a product and offer new information that may entice them to buy. Business.com blogger Drew Hendricks explained that this method can be a big boost in fostering brand loyalty in the wake of a trade show.

"When businesses schedule marketing emails to automatically send upon specific trigger events, recipients feel like the business is paying attention and cares enough to respond," he explained. "Thus, brand loyalty is grown."

Hendricks offered a number of helpful hints businesses use to remind their actual and potential customers that they care. Some popular examples are emails sent to automatically thank a user for signing up for an email list, discounts on their birthday and triggered emails to inform them of emerging products. Like many event solutions, this is best in moderation - sending a million emails a day will only land your organization in the spam box.

Vocus marketing blogger Jim Dougherty encouraged those experimenting with the technology to look no further than their own inboxes for inspiration. Chances are, what appeals to you as a consumer will do the same for those to whom you are marketing your product. It can be a worthy errand to survey your employees and friends to see what approaches are effective from a consumer perspective to inform your decisions.

Above all, represent your brand to the best of your ability - you'll see the results in revenue and customer satisfaction in equal measure!

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