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December 31, 1969

Staff Report

Why Trade Shows are Still Relevant

In an age when almost everything has gone digital, some have raised doubts regarding the staying power that trade shows have in today's marketing landscape. Fortunately for managers and exhibitors...

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How to Choose Your Keynote Speaker

Much like the headliner at a major music festival, the keynote speaker at a trade show can be a painstaking choice that may influence many attendees and exhibitors when making the final decision on...

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Email marketing an innovative method of lead retrieval

After an exhibitor's heart and soul are poured into fulfilling every item on an event checklist, lead retrieval is the name of the game. Once the trade show has ended and you've generated leads in...

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Using Trade Shows To Promote Trade Shows

This day and age, a trade show manager has to be on the cutting edge of innovation to draw new exhibitors and attendees alike into their show. Some rely on well-maintained networks of contacts, some...

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Go Green At Your Next Trade Show

This day and age, it is more important than ever to make efforts to lessen the environmental impact of everything we do, and those same principles can be applied to the trade show circuit. According...

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What Attendees Really Want From Trade Shows

At its core, the trade show is about establishing a meaningful connection between the organization's product or service and the attendee. Of this dichotomy, one side is fairly set in stone. The...

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What Can Trade Shows Learn From Coachella?

Trade shows aren't just trade shows - they're huge events, with all the logistical trappings and entertainment needs that come with them. In that sense, it can be helpful to look at large-scale...

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Using Trade Shows to Develop Brand Advocates

Brand advocacy is an important part of today's social marketing framework. A business cannot expect to be in every place at once, and smaller organizations often don't have the advertising or lead...

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Why Trade Shows Need to Cater to CEOs

Trade shows are one of the best opportunities for vendors to connect to potential buyers, and it turns out that chief executive officers may be the biggest buyers of all. More than professionals with...

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What Can Trade Shows Offer Small Businesses?

Trade show conferences are excellent opportunities for small companies to increase brand awareness and meet potential business partners. Unlike most other forms of small business marketing, trade...

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