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5 Reasons Why Tradeshow Email Follow Up is Important

The Exhibition and Event world continues to grow and expand year on year along with the innovative stand designs and displays. With new trends being introduced, you now have the potential to be the proud owner of a breath-taking display stand.

It’s no secret that attending an event requires time, patience and a substantial budget. So, it’s only fair that you demand results when you’ve dipped into the precious marketing fund that must see you through the year.

Taking the stages of exhibiting and the level of work required to create an unforgettable stand into consideration, we’ve listed 5 reasons why tradeshow follow up emails are incredibly important.

1) Re-Establish Your Interaction

Throughout the day you will be introduced to a large volume of people, however you may only have a small percentage worth contacting. Regardless of the number, cherish those interactions and use your conversations as the perfect email starter.Send Email Image for Blog

Recap your key points and expand on the areas that will be of further interest to them. Picking up where you left off needs to be acted upon swiftly. Aim to send the email 24-48 hours after the event has ended.

2) Stand out from the crowd

If you’ve had a positive interaction with a potential client, chances are you’ve already made some form of impact. Don’t let your previous efforts go to waste by holding back.

You’ll be surprised to hear not all leads or conversations are followed up and if they are, sometimes it can be too late. Now’s not the time to procrastinate or put them to the back of the queue. Add your initial follow up email as a high importance task.

3) A 2nd Opportunity

It’s true that 1st impressions count but what if you didn’t articulate yourself or come across in the right manner? We say, don’t sweat it and take another shot at winning them over.

Use the email to address the encounter and touch on the information you lacked on the day or feel you didn’t explain to your full potential. Expand your content and tailor your email for your target reader for maximum impact.

4) Build Relationships

The benefit of networking is the ability to engage with others from different business sectors. Despite the different backgrounds, you’ll be sure to find a common ground to use as the foundation for your growing work relationship.

The beauty of an event is the experience of meeting new people and educating yourself. To strengthen your previous chat, an email ensures you stay in the forefront of their mind. So, make sure they know who you and what you have to offer.

Building rapport over email means you’ll be on the contact list when they need your product or service. Remember, this takes time and will require more than 1 follow up email.

5) Securing a New Client

In some instances, it’s possible that you won’t be fully equipped to take a complete order within your exhibition space. Nevertheless, interest is rolling in and it’s essential that you action any orders or quotations you were able to secure on the day.

Sending over a quotation or additional paperwork as soon as possible is key. You need to understand you aren’t the only business quoting so showing efficiency with a professional edge could work in your favor.

Author Bio:Vicky Peat is a Marketing Executive for Go Displays based in Peterborough, UK. As a content marketing writer within the Exhibition and Tradeshow industry, Vicky enjoys sharing industry knowledge to encourage and educate new and experienced exhibitors. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GoDisplays/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/go-displays/



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