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3 Hidden Advantages of Lead Retrieval for Event Organizers

By now, most event organizers know the value of using lead retrieval at a trade show. A lead retrieval app allows an exhibitor to quickly and efficiently capture the demographic data of each attendee that visits their booth and also allows the exhibitor to capture additional information that can be very useful in making a sale. That information can range from the specific products an attendee is interested in to when they are planning to make a purchase. The best apps also allow for survey questions and qualifiers that can be customizable at any time, including on the show floor. The information that is collected can be shared in real time with the exhibitor’s colleagues in the home office and can also be quickly uploaded to the exhibitor’s CRM for a follow up once the exhibitor is back in the office. It turns a potential cold call into the continuation of the conversation on the show floor.

But there are other valuable ways an astute event organizer can make practical use of lead retrieval.

1. The event organizer can see how many leads each exhibitor captured at each show.

This can be a powerful sales tool when selling the exhibitor on a booth for next year’s show. The event The event organizer can demonstrate ROI by showing the number of leads captured by the exhibitor at a previous show.-1organizer can demonstrate ROI by showing the number of leads captured by the exhibitor at a previous show. This assumes, of course, that the exhibitor did have a good number of attendees stop by their booth. But if the exhibitor did not have a lot of attendee traffic, then the show organizer would know this as well and can work with the exhibitor to ensure that their attendee traffic is better the following year. In either case, it’s better to be prepared with solid information from the previous years.

2. The event organizer can assess the effectiveness of their exhibit hall hours.

For example, a show organizer might want to consider whether the exhibit hall should be open two days or three days. If the show organizer analyzes the number of attendees each day, and more importantly, the number of unique visitors each day, the show organizer may find that the three days are necessary. Or, conversely, the show organizer may find that not only is attendance down on the third day, but most of the attendees are repeat visitors and there may not be enough of an ROI to justify a third day.

Analyzing the exhibitor scans will also give the show organizer a good idea of when the attendees are visiting the exhibit hall. Is the exhibit hall nearly empty when it competes with sessions? Maybe that should be adjusted. Is the exhibit hall full when food is being served?

3. The event organizer can use data analytics to analyze the floor traffic in the exhibit hall.

Each scan of an attendee’s badge is date and time stamped. An analysis of the attendee foot traffic can reveal which sections of the hall are busier and which aren’t. The show organizer can use this data to come up with strategies to make sure that the attendee traffic is reaching all of their exhibitors.

These are just some of the many ways an event organizer can use the data collected by their exhibitors.

The more data collected the better.

An astute event organizer may want to consider purchasing lead retrieval apps for all of its exhibitors. Lead retrieval suppliers will often give volume discounts if a show organizer wants to purchase a lead retrieval app for all of its exhibitors and an event organizer can often build the cost of the lead retrieval app into the cost of the booth. By doing this, the event organizer can unlock a wealth of data analytics by putting every exhibitor to work for them in collecting data on the show, while, at the same time, collecting the leads that will make the show worthwhile for them.

 About the author: Chris Eisenberg is EVP of Sales at Bartizan Connects.


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