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iLeads Lead Retrieval App

Trade shows and smartphones are a great ways to move business forward. They are a match made in heaven. Here are some of our favorite apps and 25 neat things that you can do with the iLeads Mobile or just your smartphone or tablet at a tradeshow:

1. Capture leads...anywhere using iLeads.
2. Qualify your leads with custom qualifiers.
3. Conduct surveys.
4. Google your leads.
5. Send an invoice using the Invoice2go app or QuickBooks Connect.
6. Send email to your leads.
7. Email product sheets to your leads.
8. Share your leads with headquarters.
9. Take voice notes with Dropbox
10. Hold a video conference call using Facetime or Webex
11. Send photos to headquarters, customers and prospects.
12. Send photos to spouse: See, I really am working!
13. Record expenses using the aptly named Receipts app or Expensify app.
Take Orders with Your Phone at a Tradeshow14. Take orders and money at your booth using Square or PayPal mobile credit card processing.
15. Book restaurant reservations using Open Table.
16. Check flight schedules using FlightTrack Pro or Trip Advisor.
17. Order a taxi using Call a Taxi Pro or GroundLink.
18. Check your Google calendar.
19. Make notes.
20. Check for Linkedin connections.
21. Tweet. We like Tweetdeck app.
22. Facebook.
23. Arrange a FedEx shipment.
24. Trace any shipment using the Track My Shipments App.
25. Make Skype calls.
26. Scan Stuff. We reccomend the ScanLife app to use as a QR Scanner. There are many out there, and this is the best one we've tried.

If you've enjoyed our iLeads app at your tradeshow, please leave us a rating or comment at the iTunes store. It would really help us out!

What apps do you find most useful at tradeshows?


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