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10 Signs You Should Invest In a Lead Retrieval App

iLeads was the official mobile lead retrieval app at the ASAE 2014 Annual Meeting in August. The contrast between the use and logistics Best App for Lead Gathering at Tradeshowsinvolved in using our iLeads app and using the terminal offered by the event reg contractor was dramatic.

Just think, what if you…

  • Always had enough lead retrieval terminals for every exhibitor, even the ones that wait until they arrive on the show floor to order?
  • Never had more terminals than needed, terminals that you paid for (or at minimum paid for the shipping), but no one  ordered?
  • Never had to pay to ship terminals to and from a show?
  • Never had to have on-site personnel solely to staff a lead retrieval service desk?
  • Never had to worry if the lead retrieval you use is compatible with your registration software or method.
  • Never had to negotiate with exhibitors over lost equipment?
  • Never had exhibitors grumbling about standing in line to pick up and return their terminals.
  • Never had to spend hours at the end of a show uploading exhibitors’ leads?
  • Never had to be concerned about which barcode technology your event organizer prefers?
  • Frequently had the opportunity to rent more than one terminal to an exhibitor?

If you use iLeads, the answers to the above are “Always”, followed by 7 “Nevers”, followed by Frequently”. This last point is worth considering. We see exhibitors licensing multiple apps much more frequently than they rent multiple terminals.

While Bartizan was the first to offer a mobile lead retrieval app, many other companies have seen the wisdom of offering a similar service. Being first means something for just so long. After that, it comes down to which company devotes its resources to keeping up with mobile technology. With every new iOS and Android release comes new challenges. With over 35 companies producing Android smartphones, the challenge becomes compounded. An app that worked just fine 60 days ago could be full of bugs today if it is not being refined and updated constantly.

Bartizan no longer manufactures terminals. Our 14 software developers are focused solely on iLeads. We can’t have a product that works most of the time. It has to deliver all of the time. 

In my mind, there is one remaining question: Why rent terminals when licensing an app is so easy and profitable? Now that iLeads reads 2-D barcodes like PDF417, as well as 1-D and QR, I can’t think of a reason. Can You?

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