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Bartizan’s iLeads Mobile App Now Available on Apple iPad

New iPad Platform Offers Exhibitors First-Of-Its-Kind Lead Retrieval For Collecting Leads at Tradeshows

YONKERS, New York — April 9, 2010— Bartizan Connects is pleased to announce that iLeads, the new iPhone and iPod touch App for tradeshow lead retrieval, is now available for Apple’s iPad.

The iPad’s touch screen, advanced capabilities, vivid LED-backlit IPS display and expansive onscreen keyboard are perfect as a self-service kiosk for lead retrieval, surveys and product demos. Exhibitors will find that the iPad enhances their trade show experience. Certainly for shows over the next few months exhibitors will attract attention just by having an iPad running iLeads in their booth.

iLeads is a totally new way to collect and manage tradeshow leads. It is cost effective and easy to use. To start, iLeads offers substantially lower operating costs for show managers – no shipping, on-site techs, electrical hook ups or training, and equipment maintenance costs are eliminated. iLeads does not require a bar-coded badge, saving time and money for organizers and eliminating common barcode complications. iLeads requires only a simple number to be placed on attendee badges. At the end of the show, there is no need for equipment pick-up and return and there are never too few or too many terminals available to exhibitors.

“Apple’s superior interface works for off-the-floor lead capture – and follow-up is enhanced by iPad’s capabilities. Since no on-site technical support staff is needed, iLeads is a better solution for shows with no budget for lead retrieval,” said Lew Hoff, president, Bartizan Connects.

On April 3, 2010, Apple launched the iPad, providing consumers and businesses a new platform to stay connected and informed. With iPad’s web browsing capabilities, exhibitors using iLeads may follow up instantly with tradeshow leads they’ve gathered with a text, email or phone call – and send updates right from the trade show floor back to headquarters, customers and prospects. Exhibitors may also check out lead profiles on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

“iLeads takes the hassle out of lead retrieval. Download the free iLeads app now from iTunes and try the demo version,” said Elizabeth Mazei, executive vice president & COO, Bartizan Connects. “If you’re an exhibitor and your shows don’t offer iLeads, send us the name of the event and the name of the show organizer to our rapid-response iLeads email: wewantiLeads@bartizan.com. We will let the organizer know of your interest.”

According to Mazei, the benefits go beyond efficiency. “With the introduction of this app, we have made lead retrieval more cost effective, easier to use…even fun.”

To download the iLeads iPhone App, go to the Apple App Store within iTunes and search for ‘iLeads’. To test and see how easy it is to use: simply launch the App and enter event access code: 1006, click on the event, then enter test badge number: 8188.

About Bartizan Connects Lead Retrieval
Bartizan offers innovative and affordable lead retrieval solutions for event organizers. We’ve helped millions of exhibitors and attendees form relationships and exchange information at trade shows. We have also helped thousands of show organizers increase exhibitor attendance and participation at their events. Bartizan Connects and its partners are full service, offering registration, badge production, lead retrieval and lead management, session tracking and access control.

About iLeads Lead Retrieval App
Bartizan is excited to introduce iLeads Mobile App, the world’s first lead retrieval App that enables exhibitors to collect trade show leads using an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. iLeads takes the hassle out of lead retrieval. Download the free iLeads app now. Try the demo. If you are an exhibitor and your shows don’t offer iLeads, send us the name of the event and the name of the show organizer to: wewantiLeads@bartizan.com. We will let the organizer know of your interest.

For more information on Bartizan Lead Retrieval, contact: Joanna Stasuk, Marketing Director, Joanna@bartizan.com, 914-965-7977 Lew Hoff, President, Lew@bartizan.com, 914-965-7977 Elizabeth Mazei, Executive VP & COO Liz@bartizan.com, 914-375-7982


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