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Bartizan’s iLeads App Now Supports PDF417 Bar Code

Major features and advanced functionality added to latest iLeads 2.0 release

Nov. 20, 2014 – YONKERS, N.Y. — Bartizan Connects, maker of the trade show industry’s top lead retrieval tools, today announced the availability of their upgraded badge reader app.

Advancing iLeads up from version 1.5 to version 2.0 signifies major new features and advanced functionality. The highlight of the iLeads 2.0 release introduces the ability to scan all of the common 1D and 2D barcode types used for trade show badges: PDF 417, QR code, Code 39, Code 128, UPC and EAN. iLeads 2.0 replaces and improves upon all functions of lead retrieval terminals.

Event organizers can offer their exhibitors sophisticated lead retrieval app with minimal setup. iLeads 2.0 represents the elimination of the supply concerns that are inherent when rental equipment is involved. Offering the iLeads app to exhibitors instead of traditional equipment eliminates shipping, staffing and equipment maintenance costs and offers exhibitors a far superior user experience.

“Now, resellers don’t have to worry about inventory and iLeads 2.0 reduces cost for everyone involved. This makes lead retrieval easier and more economical. Having a 2-D capable app will save registration contractors a lot of money on shipping and logistics in general. It will also mean they will have unlimited inventory and will never have to turn down orders for lack of hardware,” said Lew Hoff, president, Bartizan Connects.

Benefits of each barcode type that iLeads supports:

·PDF417 Barcode is the most popular barcode used on badges, it carries all the data needed to capture a lead, and organizers don’t need to pre-load registration data to use this system. Or, organizers can add a back-up means of collecting leads in the form of a badge ID #, this way exhibitors can either type or scan a badge to collect data.

·1D Barcodes are the easiest for event organizers to print. Even the smallest, budget – strapped events can use 1D barcodes because they require no special software, badges can be printed simply using Microsoft Word and 1D barcode font. Another benefit is that registration data is protected. Exhibitors wishing to use non-official vendor systems will not be able to access registration data.

·QR Codes scan very easily and fast. QR codes are smaller and will save space on the badge, and it requires less configuration to print.

“Another major addition to this release lets exhibitors edit the information obtained from the barcode directly in the app,” said Ayman Ahmed, senior vice president & CTO, Bartizan Connects.

iLeads 2.0 lets exhibitors edit the lead record in-app. This means that if an email is missing from the badge data or the wrong email was given at registration, the record can be fixed on the show floor. This is also helpful for exhibitors that prefer to add a direct line phone number instead of the general number encoded on the badge.

Bartizan’s web-based client dashboard is called LeadsLightning. LeadsLightning.com provides clients real-time lead management, event data and reports. LeadsLightning has been updated along with iLeads 2.0’s release and includes a revamped My Trade Show Connections tab that extends the attendees and exhibitors’ interaction after the show with a display of exhibitor show offers, expanded exhibitor profiles with unlimited extra fields and exhibitor sponsored ads, in addition to a My Trade Show Connections analytics report.

About LeadsLightning.com

Bartizan’s client dashboard, LeadsLightning is used for simple pre-show setup and fast event data download, tracking, management and reporting.

About Bartizan Lead Retrieval

Bartizan is a long-time provider of exhibitor lead management programs and badge scanners for trade shows. Bartizan originated lead retrieval for mobile phones and has the largest lead retrieval inventory in the country with over 3,000 units. Visit Bartizan.com to learn how you can offer your exhibitors big data in a small package.

For more information on Bartizan Lead Retrieval, contact: Joanna Stasuk, Marketing Director, joanna@bartizan.com, 914-965-7977 | Lew Hoff, President, lew@bartizan.com, 914-965-7977 | Elizabeth Mazei, Executive VP & COO liz@bartizan.com, 914-375-7982


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