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Bartizan Selected as Lead Retrieval, Badge Printing, Session Tracking Vendor for Best Western

PHOENIX, Arizona— September 21, 2009 — Best Western International has announced the selection of Bartizan Connects as its lead retrieval systems provider for its 2009 and 2010 North American Conventions. Bartizan Connects is the market leader for lead retrieval systems with its two handheld scanners the Expo! Leads2Go, the Expo! RealTimer and its easy-to-use desktop solution, the Expo! Ultra.

Best Western International’s 2009 North American Convention will take place October 21st – 24th, 2009. Nearly 2,000 hoteliers representing virtually every U.S. state and Canadian province will gather at Best Western International’s North American Convention. The trade show accompanying Best Western’s convention is among the largest hotel product showcases in North America with 400 exhibitors and an estimated $15 million in sales. The 2010 convention will take place in Vancouver, Canada in October.

“We are thrilled to be selected as Best Western International’s lead retrieval vendor. Exhibitors get the most out of tradeshows by digitally capturing, tracking, and qualifying each potential lead generated on the show floor,” said Chris Eisenberg, vice president, Bartizan Connects.

Lead Retrieval units from Bartizan Connects rentals gather attendee registration information by scanning the badges issued to all attendees. All of these scanners have removable memory so exhibitors will walk away from the show with their leads solidly and securely in hand. Bartizan systems offer attendees and exhibitors a valuable post-show follow-up service. Attendees can take advantage of Bartizan’s My Tradeshow Connections immediately following the show. After the show, all attendees get free access to a list of the exhibitors that scanned them at the show.

About Bartizan Connects Lead Retrieval
Bartizan offers innovative and affordable lead retrieval solutions for event organizers. We’ve helped millions of customers form relationships and exchange information at trade shows. We have also helped thousands of show organizers increase exhibitor attendance and participation at their events. Bartizan Connects and its partners are full service offering registration, badge production, lead retrieval and management, session tracking and access control.

About Best Western International
Best Western International is THE WORLD’S LARGEST HOTEL CHAIN®, providing marketing, reservations and operational support to 4,200* independently owned and operated member hotels in 80* countries and territories worldwide. Founded in 1946, this iconic brand is host to approximately 400,000 worldwide guests each night. A pioneer within the industry, Best Western is recognized for its distinctive business model and diverse hotel portfolio. The company continues to innovate and enhance both the business and leisure travel experience. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit www.bestwestern.com. *Numbers are approximate and can fluctuate.

For more information on Bartizan Lead Retrieval, contact:

Joanna Stasuk, Marketing Director, Joanna@bartizan.com, 914-965-7977
Lew Hoff, President, Lew@bartizan.com, 914-965-7977


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