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Bartizan Introduces New Premier Networking Service: My Tradeshow Connections

My Tradeshow Connections provides trade show attendees with interactive access to the roster of exhibitors visited, nurtures trade show connections after the show

Jul. 24, 2009 – YONKERS, New York — Bartizan Connects has introduced a new and powerful post-trade show networking service, My Tradeshow Connections. This free service for trade show attendees allows them to follow up on exhibitors using an innovative software application that compiles attendee booth visits and exhibitor contact information. Trade show attendees who have their badges scanned at booths with a Bartizan lead retrieval device get free post show access to the list of the exhibitors they visited at the show. This listing will compile information they’ve gathered at the trade show to help them make strategic buying decisions.

“We’ve helped millions of customers form relationships and exchange information. We have also helped thousands of show organizers increase exhibitor attendance and participation at their events. This directory is an easy way to stay connected after the show is over,” said Elizabeth Mazei, executive vice president & COO, Bartizan Connects.

Attendees can take advantage of this interactive listing immediately following the show. After the show, Bartizan sends an email invitation to attendees to access My Tradeshow Connections. Attendees then click the link in their email invitation to access the information on a password protected website.

About My Tradeshow Connections
With Bartizan Lead Retrieval systems, attendees can take advantage of My Tradeshow Connections immediately following the show. My Tradeshow Connections extends the networking potential between all event participants. After the show, attendees get free access to a list of the exhibitors that scanned them at the show. Attendees no longer have to wait for exhibitors to contact them; this listing is available to all show attendees so they can get the information that they didn’t have a chance to gather at the show.

For more information on Bartizan Lead Retrieval, contact:
Joanna Stasuk, Marketing Director Joanna@bartizan.com, 914-965-7977
Lew Hoff, President Lew@bartizan.com, 914-965-7977


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