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About Bartizan Connects Lead Retrieval


Bartizan Connects offers mobile lead retrieval systems and session attendance tracking apps for trade shows. We’ve helped millions of exhibitors form relationships and exchange information at trade shows. We have also helped thousands of show organizers increase exhibitor attendance and participation at their events. In 1996, Bartizan Connects developed Expo! the first database builder for the tradeshow industry. It was the first all in one electronic lead retrieval on the market.

Bartizan Connects is committed to helping exhibitors maximize their trade show sales leads management. In 2009, Bartizan Connects decided to blow up all assumptions about traditional lead retrieval. Following guidance from extensive surveys and focus groups, Bartizan Connects’ design team determined how the lead retrieval user experience could be best improved.

The result was iLeads - the first lead retrieval mobile app for events.

The iLeads app is just the starting point for a powerful, integrated lead generation and follow-up system. iLeads links exhibitors to secure web-based show reporting software to identify the best leads in minutes.


History of innovation in data collection


Our former company’s president, Lew Hoff, has a history of innovation in data collection products. It’s a 41-year arc in fact.

  • In 1970 his company Bartizan Corp. introduced a data collection imprinter. They are sliding machines that take credit card imprints on carbon pieces of paper.
  • In 1996, Lew developed Expo! the database builder for the trade show industry. It was the first all in one electronic lead retrieval on the market. It read trades show badges that contain bar-coded info from the registration database and it stored the data on the machine and also printed reports. It was a revolution in the industry.
  • When Lew introduced the iLeads lead capture app in 2009, it was the first of its kind, now it’s become commonplace and has also spurred many imitations.

The Bartizan Connects team has used each day since then focused on one goal: how to make lead gathering at trade shows and conferences easier and more useful for its clients. It takes hard work and industry insight to build an app that has iLeads’ kind of simplicity and elegance.

Bartizan Connects’ software facilitates lead retrieval and management, session tracking and access control. Our focus is on the event business: trade shows, consumer shows and corporate events. Bartizan Connects is a privately-held company owned by key employees.

Our corporate office is in Woodmere, New York.

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