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Do you want to get more social with your events? Give Facebook a try.how_to_use_facebook_at_your_tradeshow-resized-600

Why Facebook?  Because other marketing methods are not working anymore. Think about it. You use caller ID to block unwanted calls, add emails to your spam folder, and hate junk mail too, right?

The whitepaper includes the following topics:

  • Best Tools on Facebook.

  • Most Frequent Facebook Mistakes.

  • How to Grow Your Fanbase.

So, if you organize tradeshows, fill out the form on the right to get actionable tips to step up your game and take your Facebook campaigns to the next level.

Learn how exhibitors view attendees and how they handle the difficult and often frustrating process of separating attendees that are merely curious from those that represent qualified sales opportunities. - See more at: http://web.bartizan.com/tradeshow--Exhibitor-survival-guide/#sthash.nRVXXHXr.dpuf

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