In today’s day and age, it’s all too common to rely on everything and anything digital for all aspects of our lives. Smartphones and other gadgets are rarely left at home; we’re accustomed to global connectedness with just a push of a button.

Digital technology can really work wonders when it comes to marketing, advertising, and creating the ideal attendee experience for trade shows. In fact, data from the Pew Research Center reveals that 95% of Americans have a cell phone. That means chances are almost every one of your show’s attendees will have some form of smartphone in their pocket. If anything, you should do something constructive with those marketing tools!

There are plenty of ways a smartphone can help bolster customer experience during a trade show. To help you discover some of them, we’ve taken the time to explain how you can use smartphones during your next event below.

Mobile Apps

It’s no secret that a lot of information is passed around at trade shows. This can be overwhelming for some attendees, so consider creating a mobile app for the show where they can keep all of the information they learn in one place. For example, you can develop an app that holds a calendar of events, gives bios on speakers, and even creates a daily schedule for each attendee.

But these apps aren’t just for the consumer — show organizers can use mobile apps just as effectively as any attendee. As an event organizer, you’ll want to use the app as a way to track consumer behavior for your next show. And one of the best ways to do so is to invest in a session attendance tracking app. Not only will you be able to monitor attendee activity with a session attendance tracking app, you’ll be able to see which sessions are performing the best, which speakers are the most popular, and pinpoint what times are most popular for attendance. With this information in mind, you can tackle your next event with more confidence.

Augmented Reality

Simply speaking, augmented reality is similar to virtual reality but instead of it being completely fictitious, technology is used to supplement your physical surroundings. The opportunities are endless for this technology in trade shows; it can be easily incorporated into exhibitor booths, signage, or  interactive games like photo booths. Best of all, the interactive entertainment products exhibitors use to display their products and services can be both a fun time and an educational experience for all prospective clients.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has generally only stayed in the realm of health and fitness enthusiasts. But it can provide a great addition to trade shows in the form of a data collecting accessory for attendees. This technology is relatively simple to work with — when the attendees enter the event, they are given a wearable alongside their name tag. They can then scan their wearable at each exhibitor booth, and information about their particular service will download onto their smartphone to read later. Not only are these devices convenient, they offer an easy way for attendees to get more involved with the trade show experience as a whole.

These three smartphone trends can be easily incorporated into any trade show, no matter how big or small. They will enhance visitor experience, while improving the efficiency of your overall show. What more could anyone want?

Image of Sam SmithAbout the author: Sam Smith is President & CEO of Network Events, Inc. Sam co-founded Network Events, Inc., a health and wellness event development, marketing and management firm, in 1999. He is responsible for event partnerships with television stations and professional sports teams in markets throughout the country. Sam, a leading executive in the exposition industry, has been a highly rated speaker at major industry events and has provided sales and marketing consulting and training to top associations and private exposition management organizations.

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