Ok, we are slightly biased here. However, with no minimums, no shipping or onsite tech expenses, iLeads is free to show organizers requires no Wi-Fi and can generate revenue. We hope to make traditional lead retrieval equipment and all its hassles a thing of the past.

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Here are some of the latest materials we have to help exhibitors and show managers get the most out of iLeads.

We provide lots of exhibitor education for setting up and using iLeads, though it’s so intuitive, exhibitors often use iLeads without our help.

iLeads instructions and how-to-videos are also available within the app’s help section on the bottom right.

Exhibitors appreciate that there is a 24-hour Tech Support Line available during the show.

iLeads is a completely hassle-free way to offer exhibitors lead retrieval and it costs event organizers nothing. We will put a quote together for your conference within 24 hours, get a proposal here.

Offer your attendees an event app, your exhibitors lead retrieval & get help tracking event sessions. Request for Proposal