6 Tips for Organizing A Successful Trade Show

Even seasoned trade show organizers need an event checklist.

Event organizers have a lot on their plates. A successful trade show is made up of so many ingredients that even seasoned members of the profession might miss a step or two on occasion. To prevent this from happening, you might want to put together an event checklist.Choose a strategic location. Elements you should take into consideration include market-based geographical hot spots (New York and Los Angeles are fashion capitals, for … [Read more...]

Why Keeping Things Simple is Key at a Trade Show

Put the savings from keeping things simple toward another trade show aspect - you're guaranteed to end up better off.

You may have heard of the acronym "KIS," which stands for "Keep it simple." Given how common this piece of advice has become, it's surprising how often it's ignored - and the trade show circuit is no exception.When it comes to exhibits, big and flashy isn't always best. In fact, if you try to do too much with your booth, you may end up making it seem gaudy and ridiculous. This could actually act as a major … [Read more...]

Executing Your Trade Show Booth Idea on a Budget

Are you on a shoestring budget but still eager to impress at a trade show?

Earlier this week, we looked at three ways exhibitors like you can cut trade show costs without compromising quality: switching from print to digital graphics, buying essentials ahead of time and using cheaper materials and local businesses that can meet your needs for less. Here's another trio of suggestions if you're on a shoestring budget but still looking to make a splash at an event.1) Shop, don't ship It might feel like … [Read more...]

Reduce Costs Without Compromising the Trade Show Experience

Some exhibitors worry that cutting costs will have a negative effect on their trade show presence, but this isn't the case.

Although the worst of the Great Recession is thankfully behind us, companies in many industries are still bound by more stringent financial restraints than they were a decade ago. Some exhibitors worry that any cost-cutting measures they take will have a negative effect on their trade show presence, but never fear - there are ways to trim your budget without compromising quality. 1) Go digital Using print graphics can be compared to writing … [Read more...]

Integrating Trade Shows, Wellness Programs

You don't need to organize an event at the MGM Grand to integrate health and wellness into your trade show.

For attendees, exhibitors and event organizers alike, a trade show can be a stressful experience. Attendees have a lot of information thrown at them in quick succession, exhibitors are focused on getting the message out about their products and services, and event organizers just want the whole thing to run as smoothly as possible.With this in mind, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas recently debuted its Stay Well Meetings program, TSNN … [Read more...]

At a Trade Show, Design Isn’t Everything

There are several steps companies can take to make sure their event staff is on point.

Graphic designer Paul Rand, best known for designing the logos of big-name companies including ABC, IBM and UPS, famously said "Design is everything." However, coming up with a unique trade show booth idea to attract attendees is only the first step to finding success at one of these events."An eye-catching, appealing, inviting and professional display is a must. But too many exhibitors think the display is all that is … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Stop New Leads from Slipping Through the Cracks

No exhibitor wants his or her hard-earned leads to slip through the cracks, but that's precisely what will happen if you don't have a robust follow-up plan in place.

So, your booth was hopping at your last trade show and you generated a lot of leads to add to your database. But where will you go from there? No exhibitor wants his or her hard-earned leads to grow cold, but that's precisely what will happen if you don't have a robust follow-up plan in place.Writing for Hubspot's Inbound Insiders blog, inbound marketer and business owner Alisa Meredith outlined some tips for exhibitors eager to … [Read more...]

Using a CRM to Retrieve Leads

CRMs are a powerful tool that automate a great deal of the retrieval process without sacrificing the personal touch.

When a small business goes on its first pilgrimage to the trade show, the pre-exhibition planning and logistics often eclipse the eventual goal of attending. At its core, the industry show circuit is designed to allow booth holders to network with other companies working in the same sector and, above all, to foster lead generation among attendees interested in their services. Assuming an organization's marketing strategy and booth … [Read more...]

Add a Charitable Component to Your Next Trade Show

The trade show may not be a traditional venue for raising awareness for a charitable cause, but the innovative exhibitor can do good and stand out by incorporating it into their event solutions.

Of course, a business is doing well for itself when it invests time and effort in the trade show sector - not only are the industry-specific events fabulous for those seeking lead generation and trying to expose themselves to a new audience, it's a great opportunity to network among other professionals. But how can companies large and small do something for others while participating in an exhibition?Over … [Read more...]

How Trade Show Managers Can Show Exhibitors They Care

When it comes to managing a trade show, it's important to ensure that all parties remain happy to keep the production running smoothly.

Most often, the trade show circuit is seen as consisting of three disparate groups: the attendees milling the floor, the exhibitors inhabiting the booths and the managers in charge of the event. Sure, booth holders and those who paid to be at the event will interact naturally due to the setup of the show, but it's rare that those who run the exhibition get the chance to show their appreciation for the people who fill the exhibition hall … [Read more...]