Go Green at This Year’s Trade Show

Going green is an important move in the office and on the trade show floor, and companies can improve their conscience and their reputation by investing in eco-friendly materials for the show.

There's no trend more charitable and popular among trade show exhibitors than the concept of going green, and there are a number of simple and affordable ways to attract attention from attendees this way. While some companies will break the bank on elaborate trade show booth ideas and other concepts that are more superficial, exhibitors can feel good about themselves and foster a positive brand reputation with these simple green tips for the … [Read more...]

The Mistake Trade Show Organizers Keep Making

Organizers have a significant task at hand when planning their shows, but knowing their audience is key.

While many trade show organizers may have a laugh at exhibitors who continue to make the same silly mistakes, they have their share of problems, as well. Here are a few errors that industry blogs have picked up on when it comes to managing the perfect exhibition in any given business sector.The PCMA business blog reported that there is one major oversight that the majority of organizers continue to make year after year, and it occurs at the … [Read more...]

Using Infographic​s at a Trade Show

Infographics can pack a double punch of information and graphic flare at the trade show.

When bringing a business' best material to the trade show, it can be challenging to boil everything an entire company has accomplished and has to offer down to a simple presentation or even within the confines of a single booth. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools available to help representatives do just this - whether it's an effective video, compelling graphics and signage or a concise speech, there are a million ways to … [Read more...]

Classic Trade Show Exhibitor Mistakes

Though a first experience may seem daunting, trade shows can be one of the most valuable networking experiences of the fiscal year.

If it's an attendee or exhibitor's first time at the trade show, it's easy for an person to make age-old mistakes that stick out like a sore thumb. Much like the first day of high school, people heading into a new environment can be nervous and react in ways that are not conducive to the venue - however, when it comes to major shows, this can cost a company quite a bit of money.Still scared stiff? Put a little research at the … [Read more...]

Networking: A Trade Show Staple

No matter what your approach is, setting up a booth is only half the battle when it comes to succeeding in the trade show circuit.

When people think about trade shows, a few things come to mind - booths, hoards of people and the opportunity to connect with colleagues and attendees in the eternal pursuit of lead generation. In today's digital age, there's little that's more valuable than a face-to-face networking encounter, and it's not difficult for trade show managers to make the experience memorable for attendees and exhibitors alike.To encourage the … [Read more...]

Creating an Attractive Banner

How should you display your business's brand at this years trade show?

A well-designed banner that draws an attendee's much-desired attention your way is one of the oldest trade show booth ideas in the book. Accomplishing this, however is easier said than done, even for the most seasoned professional. For a banner to succeed, a balance must exist with graphics, brand awareness and proper display, something that eludes many exhibitors. To establish your company as a leader at the trade show, here are some … [Read more...]

The Importance of Lighting

Though it may pass through some managers' minds, don't let the value of a well-lit room escape you at this year's show.

Believe it or not, the way a room is lit can really change the way it affects all who enter. In the trade show industry, there's a major focus on creating a specific mood. By doing so, an attendee can be enticed to do a multitude of things such as engaging with those around them or actually purchasing items on-site., lighting is one of a number of event solutions that can set the stage for a successful exhibition.According to … [Read more...]

Using Online Metrics to Better Trade Show Performance

What can your company say that will turn the average attendee's head?

When working in the trade show industry, it can be difficult to find ways to "one-up" the competition during any given season. While trends like elaborate trade show booth ideas and other event solutions come and go, one tried-and-true method has always worked - convincing data can help sell product. In a culture that is known for its ability to see through the flimsy marketing ploys that formerly coerced consumers, … [Read more...]

Capture the Younger Set with a Marketing Zine

With a simple graphic outlook like creating a zine, a brand can assert itself as hip without breaking the bank.

Keeping up with what the younger set is raving about can be difficult for today's marketer. Now that contemporary youth is browsing the Web and consuming information even more voraciously than adults, those who are trying to capture the attention of millennials need to work harder than ever to stand out from the pack.As this generation makes its presence known in the professional workplace, those presenting at the trade show will need … [Read more...]

Tips to Become a Better Salesperson at Your Tradeshow Booth


Put Yourself in the Other Guy’s Shoes You are a trade show exhibitor, but surely you have occasion to be a trade show visitor. As an attendee, you probably don’t care to be ignored by an exhibitor that has products in which you have an interest. At the other extreme, you don’t want an exhibitor to be all over you, particularly if his product line is of no interest to you.   Keep this in mind when the tables are turned. If … [Read more...]