Trade Shows Have Room to Evolve

Putting on a great show comes down to best practices and constantly improving.

Organizers of trade shows have a lot to manage. Between the needs of their exhibitors and the questions and comments that tend to come from the many attendees, there is little time to sit back and think about high-level logistics. Keeping things running smoothly, putting a good show in the books and looking forward to next year's is a demanding process. However, as TSNN contributor Eric Schamburg recently specified, there is plenty … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Comes to Trade Shows

Mobile-friendly content and the devices that can display it are trade show marketing boons.

Designing a trade show booth and program of activities to take place within its walls is challenging for companies. Marketing leaders have to distil their whole approach to fit within a limited space and capture the attention of individuals who are walking the exhibition floor between other compelling booths. This means there is a need for powerful tactics, ones that will make the message come through clearly. These can be adapted from trends … [Read more...]

Budget Management A Trade Show Priority

Declaring a trade show booth a success is easier if its budget is meticulously planned.

Trade show booth management is one of the most important elements for companies that want to make the most of these events. Instead of simply assuming everything will fall into place, these firms need to work out their strategies and best practices far in advance and deal with the many ways in which they will go about engaging their audience. One element of this detailed preparation process is displaying the proper moderation and not going … [Read more...]

Demonstrations Add Spark to Trade Show Booths

Showing off a product is a good way to win eyes at a trade show.

There are a few best practices to observe when it comes to creating a trade show booth. While some of these inevitably involve the four walls that surround the space and the decorations and branding that adorn them, there are many other elements that are just as important, such as This is the training and conduct of the people manning the booth. These individuals create an essential element of the experience, and even the best-designed space is … [Read more...]

Trade Show Performance Tied To Preparedness

What makes for an inviting and effective trade show booth?

When designing and staffing a trade show booth, an organization needs to put thought and time into the endeavor. That small area of the show floor will become the face of that firm's marketing efforts for the duration of the event, and thus it takes on a heightened importance relative to its price tag. This may seem like a lot of pressure, and it is, so it behooves leaders to launch carefully concocted plans rather than off-the-cuff … [Read more...]

Trade Show Organizers Must Make Events Socially Visible

A custom hashtag is a trade show organizer's friend.

How do people find out about events today? This question inevitably leads to a greater discussion of how contemporary businesspeople stay in touch with their personal networks. The answer almost always leads to the Internet. Social media is a great way for businesses to stay connected and for individuals within those companies to network with one another. Although platforms may come and go, the concept of social is built to last. Therefore, if … [Read more...]

Trade Show Exhibitors: Balance Functionality and Flair

Booth ideas at trade shows should be inspired but logical.

Creating a trade show booth is a process that demands attention to detail. A show is one event on the calendar, meaning booth preparation isn't like designing a website. Rather than an asset that can get better after a rocky launch, a trade show display is an item with a brief window through which to shine. Organizations that understand this are better prepared to thrive and convert interest into contracts than their less aware … [Read more...]

Trade Show Booth Staff Members Need A Strong Mission

Staff members at a trade show booth must be motivated and persistent.

Exhibitors need to exert extreme care when picking the staff members who will represent them at trade shows. These professionals become the face of the company for the length of the convention and, as such, they are integral to any effort to secure new business. If there are slip-ups among the staff, the whole booth may seem weak, no matter how well-designed it is or how appealing the handouts are. When setting priorities, people must come … [Read more...]

The Best Method for Collecting a Trade Show Sales Lead

Best method to scan badges

In a previous post I asserted that the best method for recording a trade show sales lead is a smartphone or tablet app. With apologies to David Letterman, here are the 10 top reasons why:   10.   An app is always available for purchase. If you fail to order a dedicated lead retrieval terminal prior to an event, one may not be available on site. 9.   There is no such thing as a penalty for late return or for loss of an … [Read more...]

Don’t Tether Staff to Your Booth

Trade show staff should feel empowered to walk up to prospects and strike up conversations.

As part of the training you required your booth staff to undergo prior to their first trade show experience, you probably included the warning to never, ever leave the exhibit unattended - and likely even underscored the point several times.That being said, although deserting a booth altogether and leaving it entirely unmanned is far from best practice, that doesn't mean staff members shouldn't be encouraged to wander around the … [Read more...]