Using a CRM to Retrieve Leads

CRMs are a powerful tool that automate a great deal of the retrieval process without sacrificing the personal touch.

When a small business goes on its first pilgrimage to the trade show, the pre-exhibition planning and logistics often eclipse the eventual goal of attending. At its core, the industry show circuit is designed to allow booth holders to network with other companies working in the same sector and, above all, to foster lead generation among attendees interested in their services. Assuming an organization's marketing strategy and booth … [Read more...]

Add a Charitable Component to Your Next Trade Show

The trade show may not be a traditional venue for raising awareness for a charitable cause, but the innovative exhibitor can do good and stand out by incorporating it into their event solutions.

Of course, a business is doing well for itself when it invests time and effort in the trade show sector - not only are the industry-specific events fabulous for those seeking lead generation and trying to expose themselves to a new audience, it's a great opportunity to network among other professionals. But how can companies large and small do something for others while participating in an exhibition?Over … [Read more...]

How Trade Show Managers Can Show Exhibitors They Care

When it comes to managing a trade show, it's important to ensure that all parties remain happy to keep the production running smoothly.

Most often, the trade show circuit is seen as consisting of three disparate groups: the attendees milling the floor, the exhibitors inhabiting the booths and the managers in charge of the event. Sure, booth holders and those who paid to be at the event will interact naturally due to the setup of the show, but it's rare that those who run the exhibition get the chance to show their appreciation for the people who fill the exhibition hall … [Read more...]

Trade Show Fashion Tips for Her

A representative doesn't need to look ready for the red carpet, but they should look like an authority in their profession.

When it comes to the best trade show booth idea, it rarely occurs to an exhibitor to think of their own personal appearance as a weapon of brand representation. However, there's no doubt that booth representatives are the first line of defense when it comes to lead generation on the exhibition floor, so every company should have personal grooming and appearance featured prominently on their event checklist. Here are some basics when it comes … [Read more...]

The Importance of On-site Audience engagement

Gone are the days where a broad campaign will resonate with a niche audience - these days, it's all about personalization as an event solution.

When aiming to be the king of the trade show floor, there are a number of important items that need to be kept in consideration at all times. Of course, the ultimate goal of any exhibition is to foster lead generation and drum up new business while networking with like-minded companies, but how can a brand assert itself at the head of the pack? In the digital age, this often means being willing to start the conversation, and there's no … [Read more...]

Learning from Seasoned Exhibitors

Avoid rookie mistakes at the trade show by learning from the pros.

When it comes to the trade show circuit, there are many opportunities to make a strong connection with an attendee and score a networking touchdown. Conversely, there are plenty of opportunities to go wrong, as well. Before you head out to the next major industry exhibition, try to learn from the mistakes of past exhibitors to avoid repeating history and increasing levels of success and lead generation.TSNN contributor Mike Thimmesch wrote a … [Read more...]

Use Video Music Awards Marketing Tips at the Trade Show

When developing a marketing plan for the trade show, it's possible to harness the mass influence major events like the Video Music Awards have as inspiration.

Exhibitors at the trade show have one thing in mind when they arrive on the exhibition floor - lead generation and moving their product or service to the next level. While many stick to the classic route of balancing digital and physical marketing and stick close to what their brand represents, others choose to step out in style and take some major risks.For those belonging to the latter category, watching the MTV Video Music … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] iLeads, Official Lead Retrieval App for all ASAE Events

ASAE14 Logo

iLeads is the official lead retrieval app of ASAE. This year, iLeads had a record number of users, including some power users that captured over a thousand leads using iLeads. Bartizan introduced iLeads 2.0 to exhibitors at ASAE's 2014 Annual Meeting in Nashville. iLeads 2.0 allows exhibitors to scan all common barcode types, not just QR codes. This upgrade to iLeads makes it easier than ever to capture, qualify and share leads collected … [Read more...]

Use the Cloud to Your Advantage at This Year’s Trade Show

Every company has their own approach to the trade show circuit, and the cloud and all its accompanying applications can help hone and perfect a tech-savvy concept.

Developing a quality trade show booth idea is no cake walk - in fact, it takes a true marketing innovator to think of the next big thing that is going to get the attention of attendees and ultimately foster lead generation. While skill and quality ideas cannot be bought, there are some helpful tools that can facilitate high-tech ideas in an intelligent, interesting way.One of the most impressive technical progressions of the past 10 years … [Read more...]

Increasing Traffic at your Trade Show Booth

Increasing foot traffic in front their booth should be at the top of any exhibitor's event checklist.

When it comes to succeeding at the trade show, there nothing more important than lead generation between exhibitors and attendees. Those representing their companies in booths will go to absurd lengths to make this happen - some will employ elaborate ideas while others will court certain potential clients relentlessly, but these efforts need not be in vain. Boosting traffic at the trade show is as simple as following the guidance … [Read more...]