Focused Trade Show Objectives May Elevate Performance

Determining a trade show booth plan beforehand can help that space thrive.

There are several ways to approach paying for and operating a trade show booth, but it's imperative that each business picks an approach that works. After all, going into a show with a mistaken strategy and ending up with a disappointing number of contacts is a severe blow to a company's budget. A significant portion of a booth's overall performance is determined in the planning stages. If preparation isn't a priority for … [Read more...]

Perfecting a Natural-Feeling Lead Capture Process [VIDEO]

Have you ever heard of the phrase, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar"?

TranscriptNobody likes a hard sell, and trade show attendees are no exception. At the same time, one of the main goals a company has when exhibiting at a trade show is lead generation. So, how can booth staff engage in lead capture without turning off prospects?Have you ever heard of the phrase, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar"? As it relates to lead capture, it means being personable to prospects by beginning an … [Read more...]

Unique Show Perks Emerge Through Sponsorships

Deals between exhibitors and trade shows can lead to compelling sponsored content.

Trade show organizers may be asking themselves: What makes my show unique? If they're not, they probably should be. After all, there is every chance that there are competing events in the same industry. A failure to create a distinct and memorable show could even convince a rival to start up and poach important exhibitors. The best way to hold on and be the best may be to build a compelling experience that immediately leaves an … [Read more...]

Careful Trade Show Planning Takes Exhibitor Needs into Consideration

What steps should trade show organizers take to appeal to their audience of exhibitors?

Creating a trade show that works for everyone is a balancing act between getting the details right and executing plans on a large scale. Putting together an event that leaves everyone happy means both achieving every little goal and displaying competence on a large scale. The various booth operators are the organizer's audience, and the race to impress these corporate entities is on.Bringing Back Exhibitors The real goal for any … [Read more...]

Trade Show Booths Can Be Refreshed

Making adjustments to a booth can beat starting over.

Going to an industry expo and making no impact is a huge disappointment for any organization. Firms put time, effort and money into planning their appearances at such events, and not seeing any return on that investment won't please leaders. This puts extra importance on any attempts to improve either the trade show booth itself or the performance of the individuals who will be staffing the space over the course of the … [Read more...]

Future of Trade Shows Includes Data Use

Data is the future of the trade show industry.

The art of organizing a great trade show resides in a leader's ability to stay ahead of the curve. An event could be declared a success on the strength of breakthroughs in presentation, for instance, with attendees taking to personal or company social accounts to state that the experience was well worth it. Word travels fast today, and cannily selecting innovations that are to professionals' liking could ensure that the things said … [Read more...]

Greenify Your Trade Show Booth [VIDEO]

Positioning your firm as a green company could help with lead generation.

TranscriptAre you eager to make your trade show booth more environmentally friendly but aren't sure where to begin? These tips will get you off to a great start.Construct your booth out of compostable, renewable, recycled or recyclable materials.Reduce your paper usage by printing on both sides and distributing information electronically whenever possible.Nix any unnecessary packaging associated with promotional products.Set up a recycling bin at … [Read more...]

Trade Show Booth Setup: Preparation a Must

Building a great booth means learning its specifications in advance.

There are few better examples of make-or-break business moments than trade shows. These events are the culmination of a lot of preparation and effort by the exhibiting companies, and can kick off new sales cycles with fresh crops of top prospective customers. This means that firms committed to running a booth need to do everything in their power to ensure the few days of the event go correctly and they can focus on gaining leads rather than … [Read more...]

Social Media Tips for Tradeshow Success [Infographic]

Social Media Tips for Trade Show Success

Trade show managers are no doubt aware of the power of social media when it comes to promoting their events in the digital age, but they may not know how best to leverage different social networking channels for maximum effect. Here are some tips for how to make your trade show stand out on three of the main social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Facebook This social network is the largest of its kind, and there was even … [Read more...]

Expediting the Lead Capture Process with Badge Scanner Technology [VIDEO]

Lead capture is likely one of your company's main objectives when exhibiting at a trade show.

TranscriptLead capture is likely one of your company's main objectives when exhibiting at a trade show.Despite this, some organizations - particularly first-time exhibitors and small and medium-sized enterprises - fail to optimize their lead generation processes. These firms may lose out on opportunities to make sales as a result.If you suspect your lead retrieval procedures aren't quite up to snuff or simply want to ensure you're doing … [Read more...]