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Tradeshow Mobile Solution Specialists.

It's nice to have options! Lead retrieval apps and traditional equipment. Bartizan originated lead retrieval for mobile phones and we have the largest lead retrieval inventory in the country with over 3,000 units. 

Lead retrieval is often the difference between a good trade show and a bad trade show. It's more important than ever to capture every solid lead to gain competitive advantage. Attendee’s biggest complaint is that exhibitors do not follow up with them after a show.  Lead retrieval can help exhibitors with this.

Our Lead Retrieval Solutions Offer:

  • Easy setup – capture, screen and qualify prospects in seconds
  • Custom qualifiers separate good leads from bad ones
  • Organized follow up with customers
  • Best data to prove ROI


We have decades of experience in the tradeshow industry. Access the largest lead retrieval inventory in the country - over 3,000 units. Looking for pricing info? Click here for our pricing information.


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The award winning iLeads is the first and most widely used exhibitor lead capture app. It is also the highest rated app of it's kind on iTunes. No internet connection is required to get leads and all data is backed up online for you.

It's safe, simple and smart. App available for Android and Apple devices devices.

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What is Lead Retrieval?

It is in the best interest of exhibitors, attendees, show organizers and registration contractors to utilize lead capture systems.

Using lead capture systems generates a positive return on investment for each of these event stakeholders:

Exhibitors invest time and money at an event. Lead retrieval provides critical information that enables exhibitors to quickly identify their best prospects.

Attendees are far more likely to receive the information they want in a timely manner when exhibitors use a trade show badge scanner or a mobile app like iLeads. These systems provide show organizers with information that allows them to monitor their educational sessions in real-time. It also provides them with critical marketing data to assist in selling exhibit space and sponsorships at future events.

Finally, for the registration contractor providing lead retrieval, matching their client's requirements to the appropriate systems may determine whether the relationship will continue into the future. The more exhibitors at an event that choose to use lead management systems, the more effective it is for the event organizer and the attendees.

The ability to follow-up on tradeshow leads is dictated by the manner in which the leads are collected.  If your “system” is to ask for a business card on the back of which you make a few notations, you will have a lot of key entry to do and you will have to work on assumptions for which there may be no foundation. 

One important benefit of electronic lead management is its ability to attach qualifiers to each of your leads.  Some systems contain a limited number of fixed qualifiers, such as “hot lead,” “send salesman,” ‘send literature” etc.  Not everyone at a trade show is a prospect. Gathering critical information about each potential customer’s needs will make your post-show lead follow-ups more effective.

Business cards are not good enough.

Not if you drop them, or lose them or never input the info into your CRM. Additionally, lead retrieval captures attendees full registration data – this is much more info than what is on a business card. It includes purchasing authority, buying timeline, company size as well as other useful data.

Companies exhibit at shows to gather leads – manage those leads in a quick, digital way using an electronic or mobile system. Using a lead capture system you will never lose a lead by dropping a business card and salespeople back at the office can follow up on leads before the show even ends. Leads should have qualifiers and notes for better targeting. Because it’s digital, there’s no manual entry of cards and offers
exhibitors easy database upload after the show.


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