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iLeads generates event revenue, requires
no Wi-Fi and costs event organizers
nothing. There’s no minimums, no
shipping or onsite tech expenses.


Attendance Tracking

Leads Lightning

"We chose to use Bartizan’s lead retrieval app because it’s very easy to use, did not require bar-coding, there are no minimum on app purchases, no fees, did not require us to coordinate the rentals, and Bartizan’s great customer service!"

− Megan Blackwell, California Society of Health-System Pharmacists

"Bartizan meets our lead retrieval needs perfectly. We have been working with them since 2013 and have completed eight shows with three more to go this year. These events, combined, represent approximately 2,200 exhibitors and 55,000 attendees. Offering lead retrieval to our exhibitors creates no additional work for us. Bartizan takes care of everything. The lead management system is very sophisticated; the exhibitor portal gives exhibitors great reports and effective analytics about their leads."

− Sue Hueg, CEM, CMP, Vice President, NBM Events

"We are always happy with our experience with Bartizan products and service. A couple months after attending a conference my computer crashed and I lost all of our lead data we gathered at our booth. I contacted Bartizan and they were able to help us retrieve it. We logged into the LeadsLightning database and were able to recover everything we lost. Thanks for being so helpful."

− Jeff Fillmore , Senior Account Manager Cybersoft Technologies Inc.

"The software was very easy to use, easy to download onto your computer and iPhone. It was easy to capture leads and most importantly lead we were able to access those leads online right away – our salespeople were able to make calls while we were still at the show."

− Kenneth Knotts, Director of Marketing, ExamSoft

"I have been doing events for 20 years and this has to be one of the best systems I have ever used. "

− Brian Rufiange, Events Manager, Stratus Computer Inc.

"The data was simple and straightforward. It was the best lead retrieval method I’ve ever used. I wish it could be at all my shows because I would prefer using iLeads over any other system."

− Jerry Brecher, President/CEO at EndoEvolution, LLC

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